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"We work together"

CBI paint by GGT

We are one of the main European manufacturers of industrial fans with: 5 production facilities, 6 branches throughout the world and over 23,000 fans produced annualy.

Our values, which form the basis of our policy, are:

  • competitiveness and a wide range of products;

  • flexibility;

  • dependability;

  • company ethics,

all of which allow us to react quickly to market demands, always ready to gain a Client's trust while simultaneously consolidating relationships with our suppliers.

Acquisition of important brands has contributed to the development and improvement of the Group, especially as regards technology, products and services

It is in this way that CBI Group becomes a constructive partner for our Clients.

Thanks to our know-how, technical competence and flexibility, Gruppo Industrie CBI is one of the most important European companies in the sector, offering a wide range of solutions, from small, low kW fans to major installations with several MW of power.


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